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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Well, the USA and its sycophant partner, Australia, have had elections over the past month and both went badly for those who think.

When there is a body politic of all persuasions, levels of wisdom and intelligence, wealth and education, there is bound to be differences of opinion and what really matters. Democracy allows everyone a chance to vent.

It seems in these recent elections the thing that mattered most was fear -- and boy, do the conservatives know how to play the fear card! If people were to elect the nasty democrats (USA) or the Labor party (Oz), Osamah bin Laden will murder them in their sleep, and on top of that interest rates will rise, and probably we will all contract AIDS from all those married gay people.

What were the positive issues from the conservatives? Buggered if I know...

Anyway, to all people of goodwill, blessings, and keep up the good fight. Have a good rest, and come back ready to kick butt.

I will not turn my head/brain/vote over to fearmongers, warmongers and liars.

More later.
PB White