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Sunday, January 02, 2005

2004 -- and beyond

Here it is, 1st January 2005 in Australia. Usually, the media is full of articles and pundits reflecting on the past year -- the good and the bad, and offering hope for the new year.

This year, though, we have been witness to the disastrous tsunamis which have devastated the Indian Ocean basin with the Lord knows how many killed, and millions homeless and in a desperate situation. I was going to write about 2004, and the socio-political woes that the year inflicted on us, but I can't, now. The awareness of the destruction wielded by the tsunami, and the outpouring of money and aid from private citizens and governments around the globe has truly been inspirational.

I think that the implications and the awareness of the size of the disaster has finally sunk in to citizens and governments as well, and the world is moving to help -- not as quickly as many had hoped, but it's a big effort and that takes time to mobilise.

I would like to express my deepest sorrow and sympathy to all the families who have lost loved ones, who have lost their homes and all their belongings, and who, if they survive, look to 2005 as a very grim year indeed. Let us all keep faith with our brothers and sisters and help them get back to a decent lifestyle.

I guess the final question is, why does it take a monumental disaster to get people to work together?

PB White