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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy 2006

Well, Month #1 of 2006 is now nearly over and I suppose it's time to wish everyone (both of you who read this blog) a happy New Year. Let us hope that it is better than the year just past.

I have been wrestling with things to say; it's been a sort of 'down-time' for me recently, and I haven't really felt like fulminating, ponfiticating or whinging to anyone. Mind you, our cat gets an earful, but hey, who listens to the staff??

Anyway, here's the start of a wish list for the remainder of this year. Note, reader in the northern hemisphere, that in Oz the nation goes on a collective holiday from 24 December to 26 January, so things have been gratefully quiet here in Marsupial Land.

Wish List

That the Bush government resigns en masse in embarrasment for their total ineptitude in governing their own country, and their attempts to govern the rest of the planet.

* That the Howard government (Oz) implodes because their economic rationalist consultants see no earthly reason we need a government, where a small management team of MBAs would do just as well without all that irritating stuff like elections and oppositions. But we do get an election anyway...

* That intelligent spirituality becomes fashionable; cosmics and fundamentalists begin to question.

* That governments the world over take seriously global warming and other major environmental catastrophes in the making.

* That sub-Saharan Africa starts getting itself together, and the richer nations work to eliminate AIDS, starvation, malaria and stupid corrupt regimes.

* That Latin America conjointly gives the USA the big flick (already started thank heavens)

* That corporate and government leaders take the initiative to begin weaning the planet off oil, and use non-polluting sources of energy (hydrogen, wind, solar, etc.)

* That the Vatican scraps the veto on contraception, married priests, women priests, and works more closely to bring about true and deep ecumenism.

* That the Islamic states begin to bring their radical fundamentalists to heel (ditto the Western states and their radical fundamentalist of the "christian" variety).

Other than that, may the good rains continue in Australia, after a prolonged drought.

'nuff for now.

PB White