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Sunday, March 26, 2006

More on Industrial Deform

Tomorrow (Monday in Oz), the new industrial legislation takes effect. It's a big win for capital against labour. Welcome to the 1850s. The kids aren't back in the mines yet, but wait for it!

Here's a little ditty I wrote to commemorate the occasion.

Farewell to our Freedoms

(In response to the new Industrial Deform laws which take effect this week).


Farewell to our freedoms, they’re no long here

They’ve been taken away in a climate of fear.

For the might of the greedy has conquered this land

And the rights of the needy have nowhere to stand.

For the rich and their lackeys and the corporate hacks

And the government stooges and spin doctor flacks

Have rewritten the rule book! Ah, the workers are chained

And have lost all their rights, which were finally attained

By a century’s fight for justice and fairness

For all who would toil. And now – comes the greyness

Of sorrow and tears as we sadly recall

That once we were free: as we wail at the wall

Of our own bitter choice. We have voted for those

Who’ve quickly enslaved us. It’s ourselves are to blame

For our woes.


Farewell to our freedoms, they’re no longer here

They’ve been driven away in a climate of fear

(repeat and fade away)…

© Peter White, 2006


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