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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Are the inmates in charge of the asylum?

It's a trite header, I know, but I have the gravest fears that in the case of Oz, it's true at the moment.  To paraphrase another fine quote:  Never have so few done so much damage is such a short time as the current Australian Government.

Our human rights record is in tatters.  Mind  you, this was well underway prior to this mob's coming to power, but they have taken it to a new low.  When we have the likes of China lecturing us on human rights, one begins to seriously wonder what is happening here.

Our environmental record is in tatters.  The Flat Earthers are now calling the shots for our environmental policies, trumpeted loudly by the conservative illiterati who follow Their Master's Voice via Twitter and in the 60% of media owned by Mr Murdoch.  Breath now, or forever hold your breath.  At this rate China will soon be lecturing us on environmental policies.

Our education system is being shredded, headed by a shrill neo-con who seems to think that good schooling is for the well to do and the rest can be relegated to basic literacy (at best).  After all, it won't be long before there will be legislation allowing kids back into the mines.

Which segues nicely into the tattered area of industrial relations and the emergence of the so-called Green Army, filled with hapless souls who will be paid half wages with no other protections, doing work that is menial, no doubt being overseen by minions of the conservative ruling class.  We should all start learning chain gang songs, folks, 'cause that's what's coming.

And don't get me started on our economic policies, or lack thereof.  Rather, we are following the Gospel according to Maggie T.  and that intellectual giant of the right, Ronald Reagan.

We are now having a neo-con philosophical attack on our (no such thing as) society, being led by people who speak not in parables but in platiwaffle.  This is a nice new neologism which is a hybrid of platitude and waffle, which suits our politicos of the conservative persuasion to a T.

Enjoy your day folks, and be afraid, be very afraid.

PS  I'm still writing Furry Tales, but alas, politics has focused my attention recently.  So with any joy I'll have some stories soon, interspersed with the latest undertakings from the asylum.