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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor

The government of no surprises and no cuts has shown itself to be mendacious, mean, poor spirited and beholden to the so-called "big end of town."  Why am I not surprised?  the Murdochracy wins again. 

Tell me again why cuts to education, health, pensions, welfare, the ABC, CSIRO and higher education benefit the country?  I'm rather at a loss to understand this.  Add to this fuel excise increases and a $7.00 co-payment to visit a GP and one wonders what we all did to so thoroughly be punished for being citizens. 

Howard's Battlers (remember them?) have become Abbot's Victims. 

I do wonder how an Australian family now budgets all the cuts.  Of course, if you want to have heaps more kids, the paid parental leave scheme will be of help.  But once the kids hit school age, you are up for it again.  And if you are driving 100km a day to and from work, I reckon the 4WD behemoths will be for sale all over the place and i30s and such will be all the rage. 

So welcome to the Liberal brave new world of capitalism for the poor, socialism for the rich. 

Oooh, I so love Big Brother.