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Sunday, August 29, 2004


Who do ya trust? Remember that?

Well, having just seen Farenheit 9/11, and listening to the increasing concern both in Australia and the USA about the Iraqi war, I do wonder about the future of our democracy.

As a sort of counter-point, I have found myself reading the "Wit and Wisdom of Harry Truman". Truman was a man who should be elevated into the ranks of exceptional leaders -- he is an American Cincinnatus, and while serving as President, still retained a deep humanity and compassion.

Would that we could say the same for our current crop of leaders.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish", said the scriptures and we have leaders by vote, but not leaders by morality or vision. In Australia there is no vision -- just an ongoing deadly pragmatism grafted on to the body politic's hip pocket nerve. In the USA, a nation of cannon fodder for the rich and richer, with the great lie pushed over and over.

Whoopee. Who do we trust?

Our trust in our leaders has led us down the primrose path to where the veneer of democracy may be all that holds the fragile edifice together because the timber of politics under it has been eroded away through greed, ignorance, and the lack of us -- the body politic -- to learn and do something about it.

Do we deserve what we will get? Probably [sigh]...

And to brighten our day here in the great south land, we have another election on 9th October. Will it be more than the proverbial deck chair re-arrangement on the Titanic? One wonders.

'nuff for now.

Peter W


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