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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

With God on our side

When I was 12 and living in Madison, Wisconsin (That's right dear readers -- I'm a natural born Yankee) I got as a present a WWI gasmask and a German army uniform belt. I was fascinated by the buckle on that belt: It had the German eagle in the centre surrounded by the words "Gott Mit Uns". In English: God is with us.

That made me wonder -- the Germans were the enemy, but they said God is with us. No doubt the French, Italians, English, Americans, Russians, and Australians have similar sayings, or beliefs. How can we lose? God is on our side.

Well, someone had to lose. In this case it was the Germans. So where was God?

And now, 90 years later or so, we have fundamentalists of the Christian and Islamic traditions saying God is with us. The other side is evil and clearly God is not with them.

If I were God I would be very confused.

Everyone says that God is on their side, but none of them appears to be listening to the rules that God laid down through prophets ranging from Moses to Mohammed.

Guys, let's leave God out of this. It's really all our own work and we have to fix it. Or we will all be meeting God sooner than we think.

'nuff for now...

PB White


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