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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Root causes...

Generally I rave on about things political. Today, after reflection, I would like to instead share a poem I wrote recently. I wanted to write a song for my group, but what came out instead was this sonnet. Consider it, perhaps, as an expose of the root causes of many of our human problems...


So, does a business ledger have a soul?

And does a massive profit make us whole?

Or, does a loss then make us even less

Than who we are? Ah, I can only guess,

For values in our land are based on gold.

We humans are worth less – or so we’re told –

Than what in life we manage to obtain;

The merit in our lives is based on gain.

Now Greed – once vice – is held a worthy aim,

No matter that we’re called to kill and maim

To win a war and take the widow’s mite.

And starving millions hidden from our sight

Bear witness to our arrogance and pride:

From Nemesis to come we cannot hide.

That's enough for now.

PB White


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