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Sunday, April 10, 2016

We need another "anonymous" organisation

Hearing about the Panama papers revelations, the banking scandals around Australia, and indeed around the globe, has prompted me to come up with a sort of self help solution.

You are familiar, most likely, with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and so forth.  I thought it would be a wonderful idea to come with "Greedy Bastards Anonymous."  Just picture it.  It's evening, a hall somewhere filling up with people disembarking from their expensive marques, bedecked in expensive suits and dresses, filing quietly into said hall.

The moderator starts off, and the first person stands up and says "I'm John*, and I'm a greedy bastard".  The rest of the crowd then hears of John's experiences in ripping off unsuspecting customers, rorting the financial systems, or whatever, and hangs his head after speaking...

Ah, but wait!  This approach won't work, alas.  It is rather more like a "Get Rich My Way" seminar.  All the participants will be taking notes on how, they too, will be able to manipulate the system to get that "little bit more".  John won't be feeling guilty and hanging his head.  No! He will be beaming as he watches the participants hanging on his every word.

Well, it was a thought.

Interestingly, Australia's annual national budget is coming up soon.  In preparing for this, the current government headed by one extremely wealthy Malcolm Turnbull has disregarded all the sensible ideas about trying to amend the tax system to make it more fair and balanced, has only managed to hit on the concept that by reducing company tax (Yes!  reducing!)  will boost the economy and all the workers will benefit by this largess.

Quick, duck!  Flying pigs are coming in by the squadrons.

Who will benefit?  The members of the GBA of course.  All will be well.

*Not his real name... 


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