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Friday, May 20, 2016

Time for a change?

Well, it didn't take too long for the Coalition to sink to the bottom, did it?  The positive messages of "Jobs and Growth" seem to have sunk without trace.  And they opened up Mr Abbott's box of tricks and found:  greed, fear, and blatant racism. 

The greed card was played in the budget, the fear card has been played with the "strong borders" mantra, and the racism card, which lurked under both the former, is now being played as a sort of trump.  (Gawd, should that be capitalised?)  The Coalition is pleased to bring you Greed, Fear and Racism as their new three word slogan. 

Of course, it will be spun much more neatly than that by the masters of verbal prestidigitation who are paid vast sums to keep the princes of industry and their hangers-on safe from the masses.  The words will certainly change; the messages will not. 

In the meantime, no new policies have been announced by the caretaker government.  It's now on full attack mode against Labor, who has not only been leading the policy debate, but in fact set the whole agenda.  Is it panic stations for the Coalition, or are they just reverting to form?  As the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett wrote: "Can a leopard change its shorts?" 

We have another 6 weeks to go in the campaign.  Watch for more dirty tricks and subtle assassinations by the Coalition henchpeople.  The latest is the raiding of a Labor senator's office by the AFP seeking evidence of leaks against the NBN.  The caretaker government has said "It weren't us; purely a police matter".  Could be.  But one might ask, who put up the NBN executives up to it?  Does anyone smell something of rodent? 

But wait, folks.  There will be more. 


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